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Despite decades of research, diabetes remains a public health challenge of epidemic proportions. The underlying goal in research and therapy has been the restoration of insulin function and normoglycemia.

The Cell Therapies for Diabetes Summit will address the key challengers hindering the development of a curative therapy for diabetes to improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

Join industry leaders to:

  • Overcome the oxygenation problem of implanted encapsulation devices to ensure full function of cells
  • Discuss the microstructure of the membrane material for encapsulation devices to prevent sensitization and rejection
  • Discover the promise of gene editing for cell therapies in diabetes to prevent recognition by memory autoimmune cells in T1D patients
  • Evaluate scaffolding techniques and possibilities to overcome patients’ alloimmunity and autoimmunity
  • Hear techniques for immunosuppression and discuss its feasibility
  • Discover approaches to functionally mature stem cell-derived beta cells for therapy
  • Highlight the importance of preclinical models as cell therapies for diabetes move towards the clinic
  • Improve scalability to take cell replacement therapies to a commercial scale
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